Sarah Williams to raise funds for Hurstwood Park in the Auckland Half Marathon

Sarah Williams is raising funds for Hurstwood Park in the Auckland Half Marathon. Sarah says:

"For some time, my mum had been visiting Hurstwood Park for tests and scans in order to determine what she was suffering from. She experienced double vision and severe headaches for a long time. In late 2010, a brain aneurysm was discovered. In January 2011, she underwent surgery to place a stent on this aneurysm. Aside from all the other visits to the facilities at Hurstwood Park, after this big operation she had to spend a couple of weeks in ICU to recover from a stroke, which occurred during the surgery. I visited twice a day to ICU, and eventually she was moved to the recovery room, where she spent the remaining time until she could come home.

Without the specialist care and facilities of Hurstwood Park, her treatment from start to finish wouldn't have been possible. To find out that all the equipment is raised from donations put a new appreciation in my mind.

To raise more funds I am running a half marathon. I am already going to be in Auckland, New Zealand from October-March, and the Auckland Half Marathon takes place on 2nd November so the timing is perfect to take part.

I have set up a JustGiving page in order to raise funds - aiming for a target of £1000. Any support will be hugely appreciated!!"

Please visit Sarah's Just Giving page at: